Policy Overview

Session Policies

  • All sessions require the session retainer to be prepaid. (Mini – $50, Standard – $90, Showcase or Sunlight – $125)
  • Payment must be made within 24 hours to reserve day/time.
  • Your session deposit is refundable up to 7 days before your scheduled day.
  • Within 7 days, your session deposit is transferable to 1 new day/time.
  • In the case of a second appointment rescheduled within 7 business days, your next session will require a nonrefundable $25 rescheduling fee (per hour reserved).
  • Session deposits are nonrefundable/nontransferable within 48 hours of your scheduled day/time.
  • Rescheduling your appointment or cancelling within 48 hours will require a new $50 session deposit.
  • Payment may be made through all major Credit Cards, Cash App, or Venmo App. Invoices will be sent via Square.

Order Delivery

  • Digital image orders require 2-5 business days for delivery via Google Drive. Size of your order will determine delivery time.
  • Print orders shipped require 7-10 business days for delivery.
  • Any issues with prints will be replaced with exchange.
  • Digital Image orders are nonrefundable. Basic retouch adjustments may be requested at no additional charge. Complex retouch my require additional cost. Price to be determined and approved before work completion.
  • Rush may be requested. May require additional fee to be determined at the time of the request.

Session Specializations (click image for details)

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Middle School





Portfolio (Model & Acting)

Wedding Dress (Styled or Trash the Dress)

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