Expert headshot photographer with a passion for working with children, families, maternity, and couples.

Welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in my work and photographer self. You’re now exploring a subject that I love! And no, not just about me, but I mean about photography. I started out in a high volume studio as a sales associate in 2007 for high school and college graduates. I worked in the afternoons into the late night. In the mornings, I went to college for my general education. My game plan was dental hygiene. Shortly after I was hired, the owner found out that I had a background in fine art. My customer service skills were most excellent, so I was trained to become a portrait photographer. And you bet that my first few months of photography were OKAY at best! Well, to my standards now anyway. But I loved it. I was a natural with my artistic eye and with my ability to read body language/people. My photos always seemed to stand out even when I was a newbie.

 Needless to say, I didn’t go to school for dental hygiene, and well now here we are! Chelsea V Photography. A business that (as of right now) I run completely by myself. Communication, booking management, planning, lighting, posing, suggestions, editing, and reminders. Trust me when I tell you this, I understand that photos aren’t necessarily your favorite thing to get done. I don’t even like having my own photo taken. However, I absolutely love taking photos, and I am confident you will have a good experience when you visit me for your photography needs. 

 I welcome new culture, intellect, worldview, age, background, orientation, gender, and ethnicity. Because in the end, we are all living, breathing parts of a larger working world. I think we all deserve to be treated on equal footing when we walk through a door for the first time. So if you’re nervous, unsure, confused, or maybe one of the rare ones that is excited to do a photo session, click schedule or contact me and lets take some beautiful photos together.

 Chelsea V  using a 100-400mm lens at the Safari Park
 Chelsea V  shooting a session in downtown


I love to explore. For the longest time, I wanted to work with animals.
Luckily, my brother went into Environment Science, so I still talk about
and see interesting animal science with him! Most of all I love looking
up at the sky, stars, & 
down into the depths of the ocean. My hope &
dream is to share my art with the world & eventually publish a
children’s book. I am also a huge nerd! I love reading, video games,
and stuff like Indiana Jones. If you have a good eye, you might even
spot some hidden nerd symbols in my self portraits.